[Video] How to Hide Specific Facebook Friend or Page’s Updates from Your News Feed

Facebook has a very good option to hide specific friend or page’s updates from showing in your news feed. This option is very awesome and lets the users control whose updates are shown in their news feed and whose not.

You can see all the latest updates from your friends or pages you like. Having a lot of friends can result in a news feed full of latest updates and reading them can be very difficult. Similarly, when you like a lot of pages on Facebook, their updates start showing in your news feed along with updates from your friends.

This coverts the news feed of your Facebook account into a newspaper with every kind of update. Seeing the updates from specific people can prove very annoying as you have to navigate a lot to see all the updates.

Well, Facebook has included an option to hide specific friend or page’s updates and they even not show in your newsfeed.

You can hide specific people/page by following the instructions given below:


  • Login to your Facebook Account
  • After login you are taken to home. You would notice a continuous stream of updates from your friends and pages you like
  • Now, navigate to the desired friend/page’s update and click the small white down arrow on the right side of that update
  • A drop down menu would open. Click ‘unsubscribe from (your friends name)’ e.g. ‘Unsubscribe from Mark’
  • In case of page, select ‘Hide all by (page name)’ e.g. ‘Hide all by Facebook
  • After both 4th and 5th steps, you would get a message that updates from that person or page won’t appear in your news feed
  • That’s all

Here is a quick video showing the same hiding process of both friend as well as a liked page.


Tutorial covering the Unhide process of Facebook friends or pages to show their updates in your News Feed would be coming soon. Stay Tuned!