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Why Microsoft takes so much pain about the Variety? -Though variety is a thing of interest which fascinates every one and if the saving of time factor is also there, it creates a need to look toward the web.

One major characteristic of the Microsoft is that it takes extra ordinary care of the individual preferences, tastes and personal interests of the users and it gives extra time to the same while developing the products.

Since I started using Microsoft Office in the mid-90s, I am always stunned by the creative but still aesthetic approach of the Microsoft Office developers (yes; they are very much aware of the very human nature of uniqueness and novelty). My bosses, colleagues, trainees and students, always have been appreciative of my creative approach to the office job, thanks to the Office.

Now, in the new exciting era of Office 2007 and 2010, Microsoft has not diverted its attention from the development uniqueness, rather I think everyone in the work place can have its own choice of themes and/or templates, according to its own needs and requirements.

Different Microsoft Templates

I have enlisted many different templates, available at the extensive collection of Microsoft: When you would click the Link given below the screenhshot, it would take you to the site, screen shot of which is given below:

The different links to the categories of templates you would find here are listed below:

Back to school (Education Template) – Sub Categories

For teachers For students
For parents For administrators
For college students Academic resumes
Classroom management Parent-teacher communication templates
Lesson plans, presentations & flash cards Grading and report cards

PowerPoint Presentations – Sub Categories

Abstract colors Leisure design slides
Abstract design slides Lines
Academic design slides Medical & healthcare presentations
Academic presentations Medical and healthcare design slides
Animal design slides Microsoft Office 2003 training presentations
Architecture design slides Microsoft Office 2007 training presentations
Astrology design slides Multimedia presentations
Astronomy and space design slides Multiple-Mouse presentations
Black and white Music design slides
Business design slides Nature design slides
Business presentations Organic
Collage Other presentations
Conservation and Earth Day Pattern design slides
Content slides People design slides
Dance design slides Religion design slides
Design slides (backgrounds) Scenic design slides
Design slides with content Season design slides
Example slide effects with instructions Shapes
Fantasy design slides Special occasion design slides
Food design slides Sports design slides
Geometric Symbol design slides
Government design slides Technology design slides
Hobby design slides Training presentations
Holiday design slides Travel design slides
Household design slides Waves
Irregular forms World culture design slides

Microsoft Office 2010 – Categories / Sub-Categories of Excel / Budget Templates

​​College student budget ​​Small business expense sheet
​​Family budget (monthly) ​​Wedding budget planner
​​Family Finances Web Database Access ​Household budget
​​My college budget


Microsoft Office 2007 – Categories / Sub-Categories of Excel / Budget Templates

​​$5 Funny Money Word ​​Household Monthly Budget
​​2009-2010 Finance Calendar
Income Statement
​​5 Roommate Budget ​​Lawn and Garden Budget
​​Academic Fundraiser ​​Manufacturing Overhead budget
​​Activity-based Budget ​​Media Budget by Quarter
​​Advanced Monthly Budget 2009 for Individuals or Businesses ​​Monitoring Personal Finances & Budgeting with Arixcel
​​Allocated Spending Plan for One Month/Every Payday ​​Monthly & Annual Expenses Planner
​​Annual Operating budget (Service Industry) ​​Monthly & Annual Income and Expenses Planner Spreadsheet
​​Annual Overview Planning Calendar for 2009, 2010 & blank ​​Monthly and Annual Income & Expenses Planner Tracker
​​Balance Sheet ​​Monthly Annual Planner Tracker
​​Bank Reconciliation & Budget ​​Monthly Budget Sheet, Covering Whole Year
​​Better Budget Tracker ​​Monthly Budget Template
​​Bi weekly Family Budget Template ​​Monthly Budget
​​Bimonthly Personal Budget ​​Monthly Budget
​​Bitz-N-Bytes Budget Plan-Keller ​​Monthly Budgeting Worksheet Word
​​Bi-Weekly Budget Planner ​​Monthly Expense Budget and Checking Account
​​Bi-Weekly Budget ​​Monthly Expense Budget
​​Bi-Weekly Family Budget ​​Monthly Expenses Tracker / Budget Planner
​​Blank Budget Sheet ​​Monthly Expenses Tracking Budget
​​Budget for 5 Profit Centers ​​Monthly Family Budget
​​Budget Plan ​​Monthly Home Budget Worksheet
​​Business Budget ​​Monthly Household Budget
​​Business Detail Expense Report Template 12 Month ​​Monthly/Yearly Budget for Family/Personal
​​Business Plan PowerPoint ​​Monthly Budget
​​Buusiness Detail Expense Report ​​My Budget
​​Cash Flow Projection Word ​​Ongoing Budget
​​Church Budget ​​Organizer (Diary, Budget, Diet & Exerscise
​​College Budget ​​Personal Budget Form Word
​​COMPUTER BUDGET Word ​​Personal Budget Planner for Bills
​​Daily and Yearly Budget ​​Personal budget1
​​Daily Chores with Allowance ​​Personal Budget
​​Daily/Monthly/Yearly Budget & Expense Tracker ​​Personal Budget
​​Easy Budget Record Word ​​Personal Budget
​​Easy-To-Use Budget ​​Personal budget
​​EV Analysis ​​Personal Daily Expense Budget
​​Event Budget ​​Personal Expense Budget
​​Event Budget ​​Personal Monthly Budget Spreadsheet
​​Event Planner ​​Personal Weekly Budget
​​Expense Budget ​​Personal, Family & Home Budget
​​Expense Budget ​​Pro-Forma Business Budget
​​Family Budget (Monthly & Yearly) ​​Pro-Forma Balance Sheet
​​Family Budget Planner ​​Pro-Forma Income Statement
​​Family Budget ​​Project flowchart Visio
​​Family Expenses & Checking Account ​​Project Management PowerPoint
​​Finance Binder and Spines or Document Cover Page Word ​​Project Purchasing & Budget
​​Finance charge (Green design) Word ​​Quarterly Budget Analysis
​​Finance Charge (Green Gradient design) Word ​​Quarterly Marketing Budget
​​Finance charge (Rust design) Word ​​Sales Budget
​​Finance Charge (Sienna design) Word ​​Sales Promotion Expenses
​​Finance Graph Powerpoint ​​Savings Estimator Budget for Specific Time Period
​​Finance Manager – CV Resume Word ​​Simple Budget
​​Finance Manager Job Description Word ​​Simple Personal Monthly Budget
​​Finances ’09 ​​Sports Goals PowerPoint
​​Financial Balance Sheet ​​Startup Budget
​​Flexible Budget ​​Statement of Cash Flows
​​G & A Expense Budget ​​Technology Shift Envelope System
​​Group Trip Budget ​​Travel Budgeter
​​Holiday Budget Planner ​​Wedding Budget
​​Holiday shopping Planner ​​Wedding Planner
​​Home Financial Expenses ​​Weekly Budget & Forcast Template
​​Home Remodel Budget Tracking ​​Weekly Budget Planner
​​House hunting Notebook ​​World Finance Design
​​Household Budget Planner ​​Yearly Monthly Budget
​​ ​​Yellow Pad (Legal Pad)
​​Household Monthly Budget

Microsoft Office 2003 – Categories / Sub-Categories of Excel / Budget Templates

​​Accounting Ledger Database Access ​​General Ledger
​​Finance Design Template PowerPoint ​​General Ledger
​​Annual Operating Budget (Manufacturing) ​​Investment Ledger
​​Balanced Scorecard ​​Lawn and Garden Budget
​​Budget Summary Report ​​Marketing Budget Plan Estimates
​​Business Trip budget ​​Marketing Budget Plan
​​Channel Marketing Budget ​​Net Present Value Calculator
​​Channel Marketing Plan ​​Party Planner
​​Channel Partner Pipeline Forecast ​​Personal Budget Worksheet
​​Denial of Financing for Purchase Word ​​Personal Monthly Budget Planning
​​Equity Reconciliation Report ​​Planning Guide for communicating Through Channel Partners Word
​​Event Budget ​​Planning Guide for Communicating to Channel Partners Word
​​Expense Budget Spreadsheet ​​Product Profitability Analysis
​​Family Monthly Budget Planner ​​Profit and Loss Statement
​​Finance Business Cards Word ​​Project Overview Statement Word 2003
​​Finance Charge (Blue Gradient Design) ​​Ratio Analysis​​ ​​
​​Finance Charge (Blue Gradient Design) Word ​​Retirement Budget
​​Finance Charge (Garamond Gray Design) ​​Rolling Business budget & Forecast
​​Finance Charge (Garamond Gray design) Word ​​Scenario Analysis Budget template
​​Finance Charge (Simple Blue Design) ​​Targeted Budgeting Tool
​​Finance charge (Simple Blue design) Word ​​Training Budget
​​Finance Charge (Simple Lines Design) ​​Web Site Budget Tool

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