The Hit Game of All Times, ANGRY BIRDS is Now Available on Facebook – Play it Now!

The most popular game of all times, Angry Birds is now available for online play on Facebook. Now, save the eggs of these angry birds by attacking the pigs right from your Facebook account. There is also a special surf and turf gameplay level exclusive for Facebook.

The gift from Angry Birds on the occasion of Valentine’s day is a very good one. After success on mobile devices like Android, iOS and Windows Phone etc, Angry Birds are now Squawking! on Facebook.

Still in beta, Angry Birds give very immersive experience on Facebook despite of what browser you are using. The graphics of the game are extremely good as compared to other online versions of Angry Birds i.e. Angry Birds for Chrome and Angry Birds for Google+. While playing you get the feel that you are playing it on a mobile device as all the gameplay features are same except some, which are exclusive for Facebook version of Angry Birds like ‘Surf and Turf’ Level.

Here are the major features of Angry Birds which I noticed while playing:

  • Choose from the three different levels e.g. Poached Eggs, Mightly Hoax and ‘Surf and Turf’ (exclusive for Facebook users only).
  • A Special Eagle option which attacks from sky and destroys every pig on the field.
  • Special valentine gift option for users.
  • Invite your Facebook friends to play and compete with them.
  • Send special gifts to your friends as a personal message by using the inbox option in game.
  • Avatar customization (not available now).
  • Buy different things from Angry Birds Shop.

A quick video of Angry Birds gameplay on Facebook.


So, why wait? Just head over to the link below, choose the privacy option, select play game and your game would start.

Squawk! Play Angry Birds