Google+ Gets a Brand New Interface With Better Photo Viewer, Cover Photos and Improved Hangouts Page

Google+ has finally been updated with the new interface. The new changes include a cover photo for personal profiles and brand pages, bigger photos and videos, floating navigation ribbon and new hangouts page.

After the launch of Google+ in May, last year, this is the first major change in the interface of Google+. A bit similar to Facebook’s new timeline view but, the design is much better than the previous one.

Let’s take a look at the features of new Google+ interface:

  1. Improved image and videos with bigger size and a gallery would appear on the bottom of the image in stream to give a view of album.
  2. The interface now have three columns i.e. ribbon, stream view and quick access staring from left to right.
  3. The navigation ribbon has been moved to the left side of the screen which floats with you when you scroll down .
  4. The buttons on the ribbon are now vertically movable.
  5. Different options are shown on buttons in navigation ribbon when mouse is moved over e.g. if you move your mouse over the pages buttons, you would be shown all your Google+ pages and if clicked, you would be switched to that page.
  6. Each post in stream has now the option to be shared in hangouts.
  7. Personal profiles in Google+ have now the option to put a cover photo just like that of Facebook. Profile photo is bigger in size and is shown on the right side of page.
  8. Major highlights of a person can be seen just below the profile image e.g. place where he/she works, school/college where he/she went to and places lived etc.
  9. The circles in profile page are now moved below the profile photo.
  10. Page profile has also got the cover photo option just like Facebook’s timeline for pages.
  11. The hangouts page is now improved with more options e.g. all the available hangouts are now shown on one page.

These were the major changes made in Google+. If you haven’t checked out the new changes, login to your Google+ profile today and see for yourself.

The changes are rolling out right now and if you haven’t got the changes yet, visit in a day or two’s time and you would surely get the new Google+.

Enjoy using the all new features of Google+.